Payment and Shipping

Be aware that you can only send motorcycle parts to me that we have made an agreement about in advance, - this is very important.

Once you have contacted me and described what you think about the motive, location, scope, etc., I can give a price range for you. If you agree, I will have half of the amount sent to my bank. You can then carefully pack the parts safely and place them in a safe box for dispatch. You pay for shipping and have it sent to my address:

Frederik Larsen, Drosselvej 4, 3390 Hundested, Denmark

When I have received the parts, I start painting the motifs. I take it to an auto body shop and it gets varnished and polished. It may then have to sit and 'gas off' until it is completely cured, so that it doesn't get marks in the lacquer when I pack it up for shipping. You pay the balance and I send it back to you.
I always recomend that you use a lokal airbrusher
sometimes shipping go wrong. sometimes parts will be damaged
only send me parts when i ask you to do so