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Airbrush murals on

Cars, motorcycles, boats, trucks etc


can be boiled down to one thing ...
Få motiv på din lastbil i danmark af FL airbrush Lastbil malet af Frederik Larsen

Custom Airbrush

AT Frederik Larsen, @fl.airbrush
I offer custom airbrush motifs in highly professional and award-winning quality
I always work based on; to make my customers happy - and I haven't had any complaints
I care a lot that you, as a customer, feel safe handing over your "baby" to me
I do not renege on my agreements with clients
I make a fixed price range and do not race the fixed price without giving notice
I never hand over anything I am not satisfied with
Harley-Davidson Malet af fl.airbrush

Custom Painting

If you choose Frederik Larsen to paint your motorcycle, car, truck, boat etc., - you can be sure that the quality is included in the airbrush motifs.

Will always make sure to guide the customer so that the project is managed professionally
Ensures that the subject and the bike fit well together and have a good flow
always ensures that the parts are properly packed for shipping
Airbrush på ældre Harley-Davidson, Frederik Larsen

Theme topic on motorcycle, car, truck, boat etc

Have your favorite theme airbrushed on your motorbike, car, truck etc. Put your very own personal touch according to your own preference and get something very special that no one else has. You can have painted just what suits you in your style - and it is far from only motifs with 'death and destruction' that can create attention in the street image. It can also be effect varnishing such as rust, patina, marble look, stone look, or graphics such as old school flames, filligree, frisco style, etc. Remember that I always guide and guide in relation to whether your idea will end up look good.

How we go about it?

If you are thinking about how it goes with the process itself and are a little unsure of how it all should take place, from contact to when you are standing with the final product, click below.

be safe with me!
  • I am working professionally
  • You will be guidet 
  • I can make many art styles 
  • I collect happy customers

Probably the best in Denmark?

It is not known - but I ALWAYS get a lot of praise for my patentness and my coherent style

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