Handmade by Frederik Larsen, FL-Airbrush


'Old Timer' Harley-Davidson

An older machine that has been breathed into life - almost everything has been upgraded to new and is in a rarely seen completed construction design. I was given free rein to create some cool graphics and was able to move the client a bit in a direction that I really like. The customer has been very satisfied with the result


This Boss Hoss Trike has been given the big ride with an airbrushed theme from James Cameron's Avatar world. It is packed with small details and has a consistently nice flow in design and history - you want to walk around the whole bike, so you can take it all in. It has really become a 'show stopper' that can gather some attention wherever it is.

'Dance With The Devil'

I have painted airbrush motifs on this commemorative and 25th anniversary truck for J. Jensen Transport. Christian (owner), who lost his father a year before their anniversary, wanted to have the car made in his father's spirit. With various motifs of him and the writing 'Dance With The Devil'. The car is built by Stiholt and autopainted by KB-Sprøjetlakering



Caps Motorcycles

I was contacted by CAPS-Copenhagen when they were going to custom build a Harley-Davidson Sportster 1200 Forty Eight for the 'Battle Of The Kings' 2018. I thought it should be a tribute to the very early times in Harley-Davidson's history, combined with the brand new. That's why I painted it as a tribute to 'The Hog Boys' who won countless championships in both board racing and dirt track racing.

The team from CAPS, Cph: Tom Ivø, Kristian Mosel, Nico Jensen og Dennis Jensen

Flames og skulls

Harley-Davidson which has got skulls, true fire and tribals in a steel look with cracking and patina like on a battle axe. After these photos have been taken, I have also made a Batwing which is mounted on it. As time goes on, I would like to have a some small scares and minor damage - that also happened to this Harley, which suffered damage to the tank. It was repaired by me - which I would like to recommend you do if the accident happens. Since I have already made the motif once before, I know the process and can create it again. However, the customer was very doubtful whether it could be restored - it could easily be, and it's good that I could satisfy him once more. fade in its color intensity. Where it might need to be refreshed after some time has passed. Yellow colors fade a little more than others. But the top layer you use today has really good UV protection, and will do its part to make it last a few years.


Patina, dents and rust

Sometimes it just needs to be completely retro and old-school with lots of rust and patina - tank for rebuilt Harley-Davidson Panhead