How we go about it?

3 easy steps ...

If you are thinking about how it goes with the process itself and are a little unsure of how it all should take place, from contact to when you are standing with the final product, you should read this below.
  • You contact me and tell about your idea, we agree on the choice of motif, scope of motif, location of motif, colours, style, as well as a deadline and we agree on a fixed price. You will be guided a little if there is something that I didn't think was quite connected, - so that the final result has a nice and cool connection. If you have difficulty imagining my ideas, or are unsure how it will look, I charge a minimum of DKK 1,000 to prepare a sketch. You pack the parts securely for shipping and send it to me.
  • When everything is in place and I have the parts, I start painting. I would like to send you pictures of the process along the way (but remember that the individual pictures are not the final result, there is a long work process ahead). You can also choose to be surprised when you see the finished result. All motifs made with airbrush must have clear coat to protect it. I can either take care of that, or if you know one yourself, it can easily be done too, but only if you . but only if you collect the parts yourself at my address, this above does not apply if it has to be sent. Of course, I am not liable for damage caused by the car painter, mistakes made by him, or if you are not satisfied yourself. 
  • I will contact you when the parts are finished and they are ready to be sent back to you

pleace Do not send me anything before we have an agrement, thanks!
remember this
  • Send me reference fotos
  • Send me fotos of the parts
  • Give me a short description 
  • I myself don't clear the parts
  • I can make sure it gets clear coated

Interested in details?

Are you looking for high details in your new project on your custom airbrushed motorcycle paint job?

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